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Private Harmonies

These days, music is easily accesible,
  circulates freely on the internet, seems to lack value.
    But this is not always the case...

The perfect touch for a gift, an important celebration, an audio visual effect, a logo or corporate jingle, an arrangement of your own creation, or the simple pleasure of having a composition just for you.

Private Harmonies offers unique classical music (sonatas, suites, variations, fugues, canons, chamber music, vocals, orchestral…) composed especially for you. This is an exclusive work that is just for your ears, protected under contract.

Our team of professional composers and performers, trained at conservatories and with extensive musical background, will adapt to your needs with the upmost artistic quality.

Professional services:

Private Harmonies    /     +34. 644 464 416      /     privateharmonies@gmail.com
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