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Discover our exclusive proposal:

There was a time, the era of Vivaldi, Bach and Mozart, when copyrights didn’t yet exist and music was considered to be in the public domain.

With one exception: many composers, in the service of the nobility, had to reserve these written works under contract for the sole and exclusive enjoyment of the patron.

Inspired by this idea, Private Harmonies creates Classical Music pieces (sonatas, suites, variations, fugues, canons, hymns, lieders, chamber music, vocals, orchestral…) of a private character:

  • Composed and personalized according to your criteria.
  • Select the length and format that you want, from just one instrument to a choir or an entire symphony orchestra.
  • Absolutely confidential, and with sole rights of use and distribution reserved for you.
What will we deliver to you?

The basic option, beyond personalization, includes the musical score and a CD recording of the piece delivered in a luxury case. Additional services may be added.

The music comes with a contract which guarantees the absolute originality of the piece as well as the rights of use and distribution for at least ten years.

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